An engaging way to increase team cohesion and morale while building company culture.

Although working from home has its perks, we now face the new challenge of building meaningful relationships with coworkers virtually.

Big group Zoom calls eliminate spontaneity and make it difficult to foster one-on-one relationships with teammates, which are crucial for forming strong teams.

Skale helps you build a solid company culture by connecting people one-on-one and guiding them to have deeper conversations, virtually.

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"Our company spans over 5 states, and with Skale we're able to have personal conversations that don't require upper management. It gives our company more of a family feel, and creates a more level playing field where people in stores that don't get as much traffic get to learn from people in our busiest ones. Skale not only allows us to learn from each other, but also makes it feel like we're actually working together."

Meghan Perrizo Digital Training Manager, CellOnly
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"The app is amazing. We worked with the Skale team to come up with themed sessions that catered to our mission; the technology enabled multiple, unique, value-loaded conversations to happen; and Skale's support was incredible. We're really glad that we've been able to work with Skale, and we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future!"

Charles Huckins Partner, Auburn Business Ventures
Skale solutions for Team Building

Ask us about happy hours, vision alignment, weekly reflections, and how easy it is to get started!

Expert Facilitation

Your first few Summits are co-designed between you and a professional facilitator. You share your goals and a bit about your team's culture, we build a custom experience that drives real outcomes.

Convenient & Efficient

A Summit fits into your team's busy schedules. They respond to a calendar invite, and leave having had the most productive "meeting" they've had all year.

Custom Matching

Always connect the right people and break down silos. Set match types based on roles, such as “Sales Team + Dev Team” or “Interns + Employees” or “Employees + Managers”.

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