Learning Summits

Practice skills, share knowledge, and build community across your entire team—in less than 2 hours.

The perfect introduction to the power of Skale.

A Learning Summit delivers the greatest ROI for your team in the shortest time possible, so that your team can get back to work with maximum performance.

  • Time-boxed event: Fits into any busy schedule
  • Single one-time pricing: Friendly on your budget
  • High-impact: Accelerates any team’s goals

Learning Summits go far beyond typical training webinars.

A Skale Learning Summit is the most impactful one-time event for boosting your team’s performance.

In less than 2 hours, give your team the power of Skale’s guided peer conversations.

What's included with each Learning Summit?

  • Custom intro / outro videos to prepare your attendees
  • Up to 3 custom and carefully designed guided conversations
  • Real-time support during the entire Learning Summit

Use Learning Summits for:

Delivering roleplay practice for sales, HR, and executive coaching

Hosting engaging virtual community events

Launching new initiatives

Strengthening team culture

"COVID-19 meant that we could no longer run our entrepreneurship meetups in person, so we turned to Skale to continue to provide value and grow our community. I would highly recommend Skale for your conferencing needs; the one-on-one conversations really promote individual engagement on a level that would be difficult to achieve in a conference room, resulting in better interactions for everyone involved."

Charles Huckins Partner, Auburn Business Ventures
Sounds great! How do I start?

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