It takes practice to learn sales behaviors.

Skale is the only behavioral training platform built for wireless retailers and sales organizations to track their team’s skill levels, deploy new sales ideas, and hold team members accountable to practicing.



  • Passive video-watching
  • 1:Many lecture-style
  • Quiz-based assessment
  • Active practice
  • 1:1 conversations
  • Teaching as the mark of mastery
  • Self-assessment
  • Spaced-Repetition

LMS's are passive.

There’s more to learning than just passively watching a video and taking a quiz.

It takes active practice to learn new skills and sales behaviors.

Learning Management Systems are great at checkmarks and compliance, but they are the wrong tool for deploying behavioral content...much less a sales process.

Skale uses active practice and proven educational science to make sure your team achieves its full potential.

Depth of Knowledge

When it comes to sales skills and behaviors, knowledge is just the first step.

You need to understand a skill before you know when you should use it, and you need to practice with that skill before you feel comfortable using it.

How It Works

Behavioral Platform

The best way to learn is by teaching. Skale identifies the skill levels of every team member through historical sales data and a naive matching. Our algorithm then kicks in and begins finding peers with complementary skill sets to connect for one-on-one sales training with each other. Every session ends with a self-assessment and rating of the partner.

Skale makes use of your existing talent, normalizing that it’s part of the job to make the people around you better. Utilize downtime.

Onboard IQ

You’ve already built a system for ensuring compliance for monthly required trainings. Utilize that same system for ensuring your team members are active (/practice daily).

Skale automated reports and leaderboards gives team-wide visiblity into who is active and who isn’t. Engagement is key.

ROI Dashboard

Training ROI used to be difficult to quantify. Skale integrates with your POS and HR systems so you can show how specific skills affect the metrics you care about most.

You tell us which metrics matter, and we’ll make sure they move in the right direction.

Curriculum Editor

Skale has premade skill modules for wireless retailers and sales organizations. It includes standard roleplay scenarios such as how to Greet a Customer, Uncover Needs, Overcome Objections or Transition to a Sale.

If you’re doing something specific, we can help you create a custom curriculum.

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