Skale is a learning platform that is wholly different from your standard LMS with passive video content.

Skale instantly connects a person to someone who has mastered a skill that they would like to learn. Together, they engage in an ad-hoc mobile video chat, and afterwards the learner could become the teacher in an interaction with someone new.

The underlying technology and methodology have so many applications. Learn more about how you can get involved.

Build a community

Skale creates software that transforms organizations into self-teaching communities.

Imagine want to learn more about developing AI, so instead of passively watching a video on AI you get paired up immediately with someone skilled in AI development during a 1:1 session.

What do people in your community want to learn? We envision communities of developers, entrepreneurs, math students and more using this technology to share their skills.

Research the model

Are you a research professor, educator or trainer who is excited about what 1:1 instant mobile video pairings can do for education? We’re excited too!

The Skale teaching methodology and technology can serve as the basis for research experiments, theses and papers. Help us vet the model in multiple industries and discover more ways that this technology can completely rewire digital learning.