Exciting conversations that drive organizational alignment on new initiatives.

Skale injects energy and momentum into everything from launching a new product or service to training employees or clients on a new system.

Rather than reading or watching a video, Skale gets your team ready to integrate a new initiative with dynamic sessions spent thinking and talking about it, which leads to the comprehension, excitement, and confidence required for a successful launch.

With Skale, you’re able to facilitate conversations that effectively inform and implement ideas across your community, resulting in simplified, company-wide integration of new initiatives.

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"Our company spans over 5 states, and with Skale we're able to have personal conversations that don't require upper management. It gives our company more of a family feel, and creates a more level playing field where people in stores that don't get as much traffic get to learn from people in our busiest ones. Skale not only allows us to learn from each other, but also makes it feel like we're actually working together."

Meghan Perrizo Digital Training Manager, CellOnly
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"The app is amazing. We worked with the Skale team to come up with themed sessions that catered to our mission; the technology enabled multiple, unique, value-loaded conversations to happen; and Skale's support was incredible. We're really glad that we've been able to work with Skale, and we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future!"

Charles Huckins Partner, Auburn Business Ventures
Skale solutions for Launching New Initiatives.

Ask us about learning and development, preparing to go to market, optimizing product launch, and how you and your team can benefit from Skale.

Custom Solutions

Whether you’re launching a new product, system, or training, create tailored learning and development solutions to help lead your team to a successful launch.

Recorded Sessions

Check for understanding and alignment through self-assessment, peer-assessment, and the ability to review session recordings. Easily identify clear next steps.

Executive Messaging

Inject energy and excitement into each Summit by kicking off and closing out the event with pre-recorded or live video from the host, getting everyone excited and on the same page about the new initiative.

Inject energy into your next launch!