How does Skale work?

Employees download Skale on their mobile device. During set roleplaying hours or during down time, an employee marks themselves as available in the Skale app. The employee then gets matched with another employee who has done the same. Depending upon the relative mastery levels of these two employees, Skale assigns the teacher and learner roles. This pair of users then have a Skale guided video chat session.

What makes Skale different from existing training solutions (LMS, etc.)?

Other training tools (LMS platforms, video, text, quizzes, webinars, etc.) are excellent for compliance or purely knowledge-oriented training. However, it is overwhelmingly the case that employees still ineffectively interact with customers—even employees who flawlessly “excel” during LMS trainings. Skale provides the missing accountable practice sessions that are critical for your company’s success.

We already practice skills at our company. Why do we need Skale?

If you already engage in employee roleplay scenarios and practice exercises, congratulations! However, without Skale, the only way to have consistent practice is to co-locate your employees and your leadership, and that will become unmanageable as you grow your business beyond a handful of locations. Skale is simply the best possible tool to maintain your company’s employee excellence as you expand.