We scale best practices in learning and teaching.

Skale creates software that transforms organizations into self-teaching communities. Peers are connected through the Skale mobile app to regularly learn, teach, and practice skills. As they gain mastery of skills, peers become certified to teach those skills to their peers, thus massively scaling 1-on-1 mastery-based learning.

Co-Founder / CEO

Ben Chang

An MIT EECS alumnus and experienced large-scale software and startup veteran, Ben served as CTO of Lomotif, a consumer app startup with an engineer-to-user ratio of 1:2MM. Ben is also a former software engineer at the NSA. Ben is excited to be transforming education for everyone -- a challenge he has been passionate about ever since grade school.

Co-Founder / CTO

Wei Sun

A former mechanical engineer (S.B. at MIT, Ph.D. at UCLA) who switched to software, Wei is passionate about personal growth and self-reinvention. Before Skale, Wei researched mechanically coupled magnetic materials for ultra-efficient computing devices, and was at Apple working on health and fitness features as a data scientist and algorithm designer.

Co-Founder / Chief of Education

Mike Mendelson

As a math educator confronted with a single large classroom representing multiple mastery levels, Mike's original solution was to get students involved in teaching their peers. Mike is also a Deep Learning Curriculum Developer at NVIDIA. Mike is an alumnus of UC Davis and was a founding math teacher at the Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning.