The #1 Most Effective Way to Increase Sales

If you ask sales reps why a certain sales technique wasn't tried with a customer,
they might say “I didn’t know.”

Retention from passive learning is low. Skale replaces or complements your current LMS.
Why? Roleplays improve knowledge retention using real life scenarios.

Roleplaying has the power to increase retail sales by as much as 900%.*

Track Participation & Results

Are you in the dark about which stores and specific sales representatives are participating in roleplays?

Skale allows you to track who is roleplaying and who isn’t.
Measure that participation against sales results.

Why Sales, Training & HR Directors Love Skale

Real Practice

Simulate a plethora of real life scenarios your reps are likely to face.

True Accountability

Know which reps and stores are roleplaying. Hold the rest accountable.

Measurable Results

Get the data on how roleplays impact sales.

Proven Methodology

Successfully implement the single most important activity in sales training.

Reduced Churn

Motivate and engage sales reps with true performance-focused training.

Faster Training

Decrease time to competency with realistic role play scenarios.

Here's How It Works:

Employees download Skale on their mobile device.

During set roleplaying hours or during down time, an employee starts a session.

That employee is connected with any other available employees within your company nationwide.

Skale includes sales roleplay exercises and makes it easy for you to create your own.

  • Onboarding
  • Ongoing Training
  • New Promotions

Who Uses Skale?

Wireless Retailers

Your most profitable offering might not be why most customers walk in the door. Do your reps know how to make transition statements? Skale improves their skills.

Human Resources

Your HR representatives must have thoughtful, considered conversations with your team members every single day. Help them master these conversations with Skale.

Any Commission Based Sales

Enterprise software, B2B services, you name it! Where there are commission based sales, there’s room for improvement with roleplaying.