Learning Summits for the topics that matter most.

Connect your team to discuss meaningful topics and build your internal culture through impactful one-hour summits.

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How Learning Summits Work

1. Define your goals

Pick a learning summit topic. Choose from our prewritten summits or tell us what you want and we’ll customize it for you.

We’ll gather more information during a summit builder session.


2. Schedule your summit

Pick a time, send invites, and get ready for your summit!

Each summit is one hour with 2 to 3 conversations. Attendees meet 1-on-1 over video on the mobile app.


3. Connect your people

Summit kickoff!

Participants watch a video and then pair off for 1-on-1 conversations. Helpful cards guide the conversation so that participants learn from one another.


Who We Are

Our mission is to strengthen communities by empowering individuals and teams to learn, teach and grow together. We envision a world where people feel deeply connected to their communities and help those around them achieve their highest potential.

"COVID-19 meant that we could no longer run our entrepreneurship meetups in person, so we turned to Skale to continue to provide value and grow our community. I would highly recommend Skale for your conferencing needs; the one-on-one conversations really promote individual engagement on a level that would be difficult to achieve in a conference room, resulting in better interactions for everyone involved."

Charles Huckins Partner, Auburn Business Ventures

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